Just like Alice in her own dark Wonderland

It's not all whips and chains (not all the time, at least). It is a dark kind of romance, a somewhat forbidden desire that makes you crave it, makes you want to further and further, calling to your inner seductress. A living fantasy, somewhere between pleasurable fun and addiction to pleasure. It is not about... Continue Reading →

Human nature

I make love with the thunder, delighting in its force, in the gentle caress of wind and leaves, leaving my body aching. You sent storms to hunt for me, to get me ready for your taking... You sent nature to love me, to drive me crazy with knowing that you are near, in arm's reach... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering sensuality

Lazily stratching my body on the small couch in my room after a full few hours of study, one hand caressing my breasts through the thin material of my shirt while the other studies my shorts intently, looking for a chance to feel my pussy... I am tired, yet alert. I breathe the faint smell... Continue Reading →


Undress me with desire, with your will. Undress me with a whisper or a thought. Undress me with craving, with lust and poems. Undress me with kept promises and knives. Then... Dress me in silence. Dress me in shadows and light. Dress me in ropes and wax and smoke. Dress me in your scent, in... Continue Reading →

Drunk on rope

Drunk on the feeling, drunk on the passion, on the taste as you pass it through my mouth, letting my teeth bite hard in yearning and my tongue caress the rough fibers, wetness coming from my mouth in a light dot of gently rolling saliva.... As you pull on the single piece of torturous material,... Continue Reading →

Wandering the streets on Valentine’s day

... Seeing the mute architecture, the cold shadows, the beautiful structures frozen in stone and time...I can't help but wonder what the tiny warm lights inside are witnessing. What stories, what drama, what kind of delicious, mysterious love do they hide in plain sight. A glimpse of a silk curtain masking the view of a... Continue Reading →

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