Choose yourself!

The last couple of weeks have been close to my version of hell. Why? Because I realized I didn't know the person in the mirror, not in the slightest. What did I do? I cried and I yelled and I hurt and I got up and I fell again and I cried and I hated... Continue Reading →

How to turn a wolf monogamous

Oameni buni, știți momentele acelea în care râzi de mori cu telefonul ori soarecele în mână (private joke, my dear) și nu știi ce a dat peste tine? Ei, să vă spun o poveste. A fost odată un lup care m-a pedepsit. A dat el ce-a dat, că i-a fost milă de mine (fraților, m-a... Continue Reading →

Sacred matters

There is a moment when you realize that you are just a toy. For them, you are just a fantasy, the perfect lover in the dark hours of the night, when clothes are thrown to the floor along with his inhibitions. In those moments of passion you are the only woman they desire, you are... Continue Reading →

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