Healing Shibari

Part 1 of 'Story of many titles', a little experiment of mine in writing a deeper kind of erotica and romance. Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments below. They really help me improve. 🙂 "Little toy, how does it feel to be here, on a balcony, exposed for everyone to see? Your soft... Continue Reading →

Affairs of love and Primal lust

Let me hurt you, let me wrap my ropes around your body, to make your skin sing with desire and sinful touches. Let me take you on a journey of pure lust, trust me, trust my voice guiding your breath, trust my heartbeats dictating the pulse of desire, trust me to destroy you in the... Continue Reading →

Musings on rope and smoke

Writing poetry of pain, pleasure and meditation on my skin with ropes, knives and lost love. It is never enough to calm the beast inside, but just about perfect to make it's howling bareable... Oh, the beauty of solitude and loquacious thoughts.


He is untying me slowly, following the beat of the music. The gentle sway and pain almost brings me to a lost state of consciousness, a parallel universe. In my heart I feel you approaching. My body knows you so well that I don't even have to open my eyes. I let the rigger's hands... Continue Reading →

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