Library tale

Your eyes open as you see me enter the room. Flowing gown and heeled boots, leather corset and flowing red hair. I approach the armchair you grace with your suited figure. Your hands rest lightly on the soft, worn leather, a cigarette in one. Music is softly heard in the background. The familiar sound of... Continue Reading →

Taking me higher

'Lace will not protect you. It will only make it more enjoyable for me to cut it off of your deliciously plump body, my goddess.' his voice deeper and huskier than I have ever heard, his lips almost grazing my ear. I know he has a knife, a silver dagger, blade adorned with ancient markings,... Continue Reading →

Open veins

I want to paint with desperation and sin on your skin. I want to be your source of pleasure and suffering, your guiding light and your filthy slut. I want to kneel before your darkness and make love with your sweet sinful mind. I want you dripping with my nectar, exhausted and lost in pleasure,... Continue Reading →


Just what's on my mind and maybe the shortest thing I have ever wrote: a full moon does heal... A heart, a spirit, an artist... A new birth... in the very nature of me. Everythink that happens to us teaches us something. It is our choice if we let it destroy us or built us... Continue Reading →


He is untying me slowly, following the beat of the music. The gentle sway and pain almost brings me to a lost state of consciousness, a parallel universe. In my heart I feel you approaching. My body knows you so well that I don't even have to open my eyes. I let the rigger's hands... Continue Reading →

Forbidden exhibitionism

The thirst of my unconscious mind is real, making me see the animal I really am within. I have lectures. I should listen to my teacher and pay attention to the information he delivers, but I can't. The only thing I can see, the only thing I can feel is his hand in my hair,... Continue Reading →

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