Choose yourself!

The last couple of weeks have been close to my version of hell. Why? Because I realized I didn't know the person in the mirror, not in the slightest. What did I do? I cried and I yelled and I hurt and I got up and I fell again and I cried and I hated... Continue Reading →

Primii mei pasi in D/s

Ce este D/s pentru mine? O incercare. O provocare de a ajunge mai aproape de sine, de a ceda controlul, de a trai senzatii necunoscute inca, de a ma cunoaste pe mine cea adevarata, insa, mai presus de asta, este increderea, suportul, structura. Exista clipe, zile intregi, in care nu ma simt pe mine, in... Continue Reading →


This is a long forgotten art and yet such a pleasurable one. A proper spanking given at the right moment can be just like the caress of a temptress or the loving care of the one who has your heart. Yes, a spanking can both turn on and heal, excite and terrify. Last night was... Continue Reading →


There are moments in life when you feel like breaking, when the feelings are too much and anything can trigger you, anything ca make you lose control and run away or hide inside yourself, far from the pain, in a void of silence. There are moments when a few words said at the worst time... Continue Reading →


In a relationship, you both have moments when you barely recognize yourself. Today was one of those moments. Ever since I've started my journey in the world of BDSM, first without a partner and later, when I found my current lover and protector, I grew to learn about ways in which the mind and the... Continue Reading →

The eternal fight

Going through the motions in these last days before Christmas hits has become a habit, but this year everything is changed. My thoughts when hearing of tinsels are of how it would feel like wrapped around me... when I see fire I think of the passion of a D/s play spiked up with the bite... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on kneeling

There is a special brand of quietness of the mind that envelopes me when I am kneeling next to the one I chose to give my submission to. From afar it might seem as if what I do is degrading and lacks femininity, but inside I am filled with joy and pure calm when he... Continue Reading →

Sacred matters

There is a moment when you realize that you are just a toy. For them, you are just a fantasy, the perfect lover in the dark hours of the night, when clothes are thrown to the floor along with his inhibitions. In those moments of passion you are the only woman they desire, you are... Continue Reading →

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