Fuck me, take me, make me…

Let me surrender, force me to give into you. Make me fight you, hold me down, punish me with your hands, with your nails and teeth, with your breath and your words. Punish me with your body, taking me down, holding me there. Don’t let me struggle, don’t let me break you. Fight me, fight my nature, growling, screaming, biting.

Take me down, give me no respite. Tear up my clothes, tear me up, bite my skin, drag your nails through it, bind me and set me free. Get me out of my mind, out of my hammering thoughts, take me hard, take me fast, take me for your pleasure. Make me scream, make me beg, make my body fight more than my mind.

Fuck me, turn me into your puppet, turn me into a ragdoll in pleasure and damned suffering, choose your implement, choose your knives, blades to use, to mark into air. Choose your belts, choose your ropes, choose your most skilled weapon, for I am planning on fighting you hard, harder than you have ever seen me fight, harder, deeper, hungry for blood, hungry for your breath on my skin, for your ragged groans, for your hardness against my soft flesh, for your strength, for your steel like muscles, for you body on top of me, all over me, bathing me in your essence, marking me with your smell, marking me with your presence.

No more elegance, no more studied moves, no more mental tricks. Pure physical strength, pure primal fury, pure hunger, thirst for your mouth, for your eyes, for your sounds as I come apart fighting in your arms, fighting myself, fighting you, fighting life, fighting pleasure until, with short pants, I surrender. I let go, letting the electricity, your energy, your entire being surround me, take me, like a predator taking its mate.

Nothing but passion, animalistic desire, breathing life into us, into me, into you, permeating every cell, burning down only to light us up further, brighter, more alive than ever.

Take me like an animal.

Make me your woman.

Be my man.

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