Surrender in pleasure

The room is quiet, with the elegant exception of candles buzzing every once in a while as the wick encounters a harder part, burning all the brighter in those few seconds. It is peculiar how much this innocent, natural thing relates so well to the human mind, to our truth as living beings. The harder we become, the brighter we burn when we finally surrender to what we were meant to be.

It fits beautifully in this scene. The room dark, save for the warm lights coming from the candles placed by you so carefully just minutes ago, only the sound of our calm breathing echoing through the walls as I bathe in a luxurious mix of salts and essence, my dark hair pinned back, fingers playing in your hair as you are knelt next to me, awaiting my next command and stealing glimpses of my naked, flushed body now and again, playing on the edge of the rules I have set in place.

‘Present.’ As you hear my soft command you gracefully rise to your feet, moving your body to the center of the room and falling back down to your knees on the soft, yet thin carpet, thighs spread apart in line with your broad shoulders as your palms rest face up on their soft surface. Your eyes are cast down, angling your head just enough so the strands of your hair caress your chest.

The muscles in your body hold a strange mixture of calm and tension, almost betraying the fight in your mind between the serenity of deep submission and the anxiousness of what shall happen next.

‘Look into my eyes, dear boy.’ I say in a level voice laced with just a hint of gentleness. ‘There is no need to worry. Tonight is only about pleasure. About how your body sings for me, how your skin alights with warmth this very moment as my eyes take in every detail of your form, every edge, every movement of your muscles as you struggle to hold your posture. It is about gasps of wonder and rapture as every cell of your delicious body betrays your need, your desire for being touch. Tonight, my dear boy, shall be about pushing the limits, about trusting me so deep, following my voice and my presence in such a pleasure that no touch would be necessary to have your cock give me your sweet nectar.’

As the words I speak hit your ears, I can see how your manner changes, the way you fight with the mere idea of being given only pleasure, only for yourself. I take delight in reading the thoughts in your eyes, all the emotions, thinking that maybe this is a dream, or a curse, or that somewhere in there is a catch. ‘There is no catch.’ Your expression changes into one of bewilderment as you hear me answering your thoughts. At one point in time you shall get used to me paying close attention to you. After all, this is one of the joys in being a Dominant. You get a front row seat in the most intimate of interactions in a person, the silent fights with themselves, with desire, with the deep seated need in them. It is positively thrilling to witness, I must say.

Slowly, I raise from the now warm water, stepping out of the tub and taking a sit on the edge where a soft towel awaits me.

‘Touch yourself, boy.’ I whisper, making you wonder if I truly gave the command. I see how your right hand wraps around your cock, feeling it pulsing with need, engorged and thick. You start moving it slowly, all the way up your length, increasing the pace more and more as your breathing comes in ragged, balls full and drawn tight. ‘But do not come until I tell you.’ I continue my command, hearing your groan of frustration.

‘Now there is no reason to hurry, is it? After all, we have a whole night ahead of us and I do plan on draining those testicles of yours in due time.’ I say, as I move from my spot, picking up a candle holder as I make my way around your frame.

‘I don’t remember telling you to stop your ministrations on that beautiful cock of yours, boy.’ I whisper in a harsher tone, right behind you. Fighting the sensations, you barely noticed me kneeling behind you, a hand moving your hair just enough so I could plant a kiss on the base of your neck while I gently drag my nails along your back. Being quite a bit taller than me, your frame built like a fighter I have to take my time and savor your body, feeling you starting to relax and give into me, letting your back be supported by my frame, thus opening yourself to me. Never once has your hand stopped working on the sensitive skin of your member, my mouth watering at the sight of you pleasuring yourself for me.

As more seconds pass, your body grows hotter, your breathing more erratic as one my hand sneaks around your neck, pushing just enough so you would feel the sensation of me choking you, cutting down your oxygen. ‘Just like that, boy., Let your body feel. Play with yourself, feel how hard you are, just how many shivers run down your spine as you hit that delicious spot on the head of your cock, over and over again.’

‘How would it feel if, let’s say, a tiny bit of wax would drip on your nipple?’ As the last syllable leaves my lips, you feel a hot, sharp sensation burning into the sensitive skin, precise and calculated, enough to drive your senses mad, but not to harm the tissue.

Your back arches in my arms as you start to tremble, trying to reign in the orgasm that threatens to wash over you.

More drops follow, dripping down your pecs, your stomach, oh so close to the head of your manhood. I can sense the excitement and fear in you as you fight to hold back, as you fight for the last ounce of self control, but the night is still young.

‘Hands on your thighs now.’ I say in a hard tone. You almost groan in frustration at my command, yet you obey, hands neatly resting on your knees as you fight to keep them there. Mine sneak up your torso, gently playing around the base of your cock as my other hand wraps around your throat and closes on it. Your excitement is visible as your cock twitches, your balls drawing near the base, your body tense as I whisper in your ear, along with my nails finding their home on the skin of your thigh ‘Cum.’

A single word that triggers a shattering orgasm, cum spurting on the floor and on your abdomen, accompanied by an animalistic groan of pleasure that leaves your lips. ‘Feel it. Breathe through it and spread the sensation all over. You have earned this, my dear boy. I am proud of you.’

As the last vestiges of your orgasm shake your system, I gently beckon you to straighten your legs, massaging out the tensed muscles and I let your body rest on some pillows I had put here earlier in preparation for tonight. Once I am finished, I let my lips barely touch the hear of your cock, for I know how sensitive it is after such a moment, and I come back up, taking your head and resting it on my lap, my fingers finding their home in your soft hair.

When I am settled, you turn to your side and curl up around my form, hugging my waist in the process.

‘Thank you, Mistress.’

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