For V, one who showed me how beautiful the meeting of bodies can be.

Tingles of eroticism hit my skin as I am waiting in chilly room, at the foot of the bed. A single candle burning, casting shadows and illuminating your figure in the window wall I have in front of me.

You turned off the lights and with them, all my sanity went away. I could only guess your plans, yet I felt like a deer in the headlights, waiting for the lion to come and slit my throat, drink my blood and taste my waiting flesh. With every step you took, I could feel your warmth closer and closer, approaching me, watching me with a hawk-like focus. You took my neck with your lips, sending shards of pleasure through my system, caressing my mind with the slow pace you had, with your care and patience. I desperately wanted more, wanted you, your whole body, every inch of delicious flesh, every inch of your passion. I craved your lips and I turned to take them, to take the control I knew would render me satisfied in my silly mind, yet you gave me none of that.

You slowed down even more, pinning me down and taking your time tasting my lips like they were fine wine and I, too, tasted your kisses, both quenching my thirst and letting my desire rise faster and faster, yet never fully satisfied, as if it were a game of cat and mouse. You teased and teased, keeping me on edge not for orgasm, but for your touch, for your lips and tongue, for your body. Craving it more and more, having you deny me only to fuel my need further with the softest of touches and the most torturous of kisses, making me pay attention to every single bit of skin you payed attention to, obligating me to be there, present, aware of your every move, every breath, in profound contact.

It felt more intimate than sex, for we were not even fully naked yet. It felt ecstatic, for when you bared our bodies, you created a symphony of pleasure and gentle pain on mine, taking me into submission and rapture, into abandon, letting go of all worries and just succumb to your skilful touch, to your gentle, even sadistically slow way of taking my body to new heights. I was bound by breath and sensuality, by your tongue, by your deliciously carved physique. Only for moments did you let me explore it, as you quickly took me again, fingers finding my wet pussy and palms drawing red imprints on my thighs and ass. With every stroke and every hit, I fell deeper and deeper into surrender, I fell deeper and deeper into my own body, letting you take me to where you wanted, enjoying every minute you spoiled me with sensation, for you made all this about me, about my pleasure, my pain, taking care of my every need and showing me just how much desire I can build in me before I beg for your mercy… and beg I did, time and time again, for your body to take me higher and higher, to drop me into the abys of ecstasy, again and again, only for you to catch me with care and gentleness, a heart so open in those moments that it made mine get brave enough to mimic i, to open itself and let me enjoy the meeting of our bodies in a new, gentler, more intimate way that it ever did before.

Our bodies were the playground and play we did, time and time again, with pleasure and with pain, with lazy touches and erotic massages. You sunk me into a state of continuous relaxation, every tension leaving my body save for the mindfucking spankings you administered, playing with my senses and surprising me at every breath.

It was natural, what happened between us. I found a new side of me in your arms, one that lets go and just is, guided by her body and her heart, by the eroticism we create, both on her knees, tasting your beautiful cock and laid down like pray, open for our ministrations.

That night, bodies made love in ways I only dreamed of, warm and calm, tender, slow and sweet, present and curious, getting to the other like a map of a secret island. I now crave to be found again by you, ravaged more and more, taken and admired, like a precious prey, like a feminine creation, for in those moments, we were sincere and just us. We made art that night… and early in the morning light, yet that’s a story for another time.

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