Library tale

Your eyes open as you see me enter the room. Flowing gown and heeled boots, leather corset and flowing red hair. I approach the armchair you grace with your suited figure. Your hands rest lightly on the soft, worn leather, a cigarette in one. Music is softly heard in the background. The familiar sound of a hypnotic rhythm envelops me.

“Listening to that piece again, lover?” I utter as I reach with my lips for the filter of the cigarette, dragging a long smoke. Your pupils dilate, eyes on fire with passion as my lips touch the calloused skin of your palm.

I straighten my back, blowing the smoke in your direction. The continuous beat of the music, the sight of your jet-black hair caressing your dark shirt collar, the strong lines of your jaw, your muscles tightening, posture ready for attack.

I turn around, heading for the bookshelves you keep next to your armchair. The soft light from the lamp you use in the evenings to read casts a somewhat magical and seductive tint to the aged spines of the books. As I walk slowly, highly aware of your gaze following me, I caresses them lightly, enjoying the musky sent of old paper, dust, opium and spices.

Suddenly, the air shifts and I feel a hand gripping my waist roughly, as another closes around my throat.

“You enjoy tempting me, kotik.” Your breath sends chills down my back as you whisper in my ear. I know what I have done. I am unleashing a beast in you and I am, indeed, tasting the sweet nectar of the chase. “You want me to take you? To fuck you raw right here, with your face against the books that turn you on so much? To make you scream…” I push my ass against your growing erection, tantalizing even more, stoking the fire. “Mmmm… you don’t stop, do you? If this is what you want, than this is what you get. Raise your skirt and hold your ass open with your hands. If you act as a temptress, you will be fucked as one. Don’t think, for one moment, that you are the one in control, kotik.” You say as your hand tightens, limiting the blood supply to my brain even more. My breathing deepens as I take in your words, head leaned back, leaving my neck and shoulders exposed for you in a sign of submission.

“Now, kotik!” As you say the words, my hands go right to my sides, bunching up the bottom of my dress, exposing my soft flesh to your appreciating eyes. I make quick work of the material, securing it to the bottom of my corset and opening myself up for you.

A few seconds go by, as the music changes the rhythm to a more sensual one, sensual yet brutal. At the first few notes, your cock enters me to the hilt, making me moan deep in pleasure. I feel only you all over, around my throat, on my hips, in me, surrounding me with your hard body, pushing me into the bookshelves with every stroke.

There is pain, there is wetness, nails wracking at your ass cheeks as I try to coax you to go harder and harder. I can’t control my breathing, the tightly laced corset giving no respite to my expanding lungs as I try to draw breath after breath, to focus on the pleasure, on the slight pain of your forceful thrusts, your damned scent, your energy, your control. I feel the animal in you, the danger and it takes me, it surrounds me with extasy as wave after wave of pleasure flows through me, bathing my body in electrical sensation. I melt in your fire, becoming nothing but a rag doll. Only your arms are holding me up at this point as your pace matches the rhythm of the songs that mix into one another.

I am slowly losing all control and it is simply delicious, I get lost in a sea of you as the hand on my hip travels up to the top of my corset, ripping apart the fabric of my dress to get to my breasts, torturing the nipples, adding just the touch of searing pain that I need to cross the line. I come undone time and time again, screaming and whimpering in agony as the pleasure becomes to much, only for you to join me in my lustful climax.

As you come, your teeth find the soft flesh of my neck, biting hard, marking me as a continuous state of bliss surrounds me.

Minutes, maybe hours pass before I come back to my senses, in your arms, on the soft carpet, with our backs to the side of the armchair. You hold me, unlacing my corset and setting it aside, hands softly caressing my skin under what is left of my dress. Your clothes are still on, save for your shirt being unbuttoned.

Silently, I place a soft kiss on your chest, thanking you. We lay there, sated for now… or maybe you have other plans as your fingers find my wet pussy.

“Purr for me, kotik.”

… oh, this is going to be a long night…

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