Sense me

Take me down, make me lose all sense of self. Fuck me, spank me, hard and painful, soft and gentle, take my orgasms, take my body and make me sing for you in moans and lustful whimpers. Bury your fingers in my flesh, make my cheeks glow rosy, make my breathing shallow and my mind lose focus.

Make me scream for you and lose all self. Make me feel like you love me. Make me feel cherished. Make me feel free in my desires. Make me kiss you and kiss me back with feverish passion.

Taste my love. Taste my heart. Taste my juices on your fingers as I cum from your words. Taste me in you, on you, hear me, delight in my moans and helpless whimpers for I cannot control them anymore. Taste me days after, in your memory, as you sit at your desk and I squirm in my seat in rememberance, my flesh still warm, already craving again.

Taste me and find us.

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