Midnight calls

You enter my mind. Your voice seducing, yet calm, serious, yet funny. Such a easy going nature that I could even start to look for your Shadow, for the darkness in you that I can’t pinpoint yet.

All thoughts aside, the thought makes me drip. The thought of last night’s pleasures that opened some gateway of lust, of joyful sex and laughter in my mind. I learn to let go, to feel, to be hypnotized.

I crave the image of a naked me, head down, ass up, waiting for a touch of pain, for a spanking or a flogging or a paddle. I crave the image of being handled by you, a image of power and natural submission, bound not by rules, but by force of lust and bodily responses. I want to let go in your hands, I want to be put in my place and made to take it, to enjoy the bites of pain and more so the shivers of pleasure that go beyond this state of consciousness.

I beg you….

Order me to strip for you, to let the gentle caress of air coming from the fan touch my skin and awaken my desire. I close my eyes and focus on you, on your request of getting on my hands and knees, nipples clamped and pussy dripping wet from the freedom of not having to decide, made to simply obey.

Order me spank myself. A single hand landing on my ass, feeling so foreign and embarrassing. Bewildered, confused, but safe, held by your voice.

Order me to torture my nipples, to count as I do so, to feel the bolts of electricity as I hit a particularly sensitive region, to take the pain, to turn it into pleasure and wetness. Make me count so I focus. Make me lose all, but myself.

I do not crave humiliation as people might see it. I crave being pushed. I crave being made to admit what I truly desire. I crave being frank to myself.

I beg you…

Let me cum, let me take all this pain, all this delicious caress that feels like dripping steel, let me take it and cum from it.

Let me beg, let me lose control, let me be guided by your voice and my own body’s craving for lust, for being set free.

Let me beg for more pain, sharper, more delicious as it goes in waves through my muscles, my veins, my every limb… let me make it breathtaking.

I breathe. Not thinking, just feeling.

I breathe and I am emotional, in a gentle way, in an open way.

I breathe and I tell you what I feel like now, what goes through my head. I tell a short story of what I felt as my moans and screams painted a vivid image in your mind.

I breathe and I am sated… for now.

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