Just like Alice in her own dark Wonderland

It’s not all whips and chains (not all the time, at least). It is a dark kind of romance, a somewhat forbidden desire that makes you crave it, makes you want to further and further, calling to your inner seductress.

A living fantasy, somewhere between pleasurable fun and addiction to pleasure. It is not about the pain, or even about the pleasure. It is about living the sensations you so desperately seek as a human being. Having your body explored and taken to it’s limits, your mind joining in on the dance not to impede on it as a voice of reason, but to give a naughty hand at your spiraling down the rabbit whole like a modern Alice in Wonderland, the R-rated version, where Alice finds herself bound by sheer force of will in a position of her Master’s choosing, dripping with desire at every breath and suggestion of what he might do to her. Making her crave to be ravished, adored and teased to no end, with pain, with pleasure, with words and hands and lips caressing her newfound body that now seems reborn in a sea of sensation, of delectable exploration of the senses, playing with everything it has to give.

For Alice, everything is made of curiosity and acceptance. She desires it, she craves it, but she has to be the good girl, the innocent. She fights her needs, her wants. She refuses to accept them as a part of her until… he comes.

A voice of an angel and the mind of a tantalizing demon, a presence so full of knowledge and mystery that you can almost feel the tension he creates when being near to his pray… and little Alice is the most delicious hunting prize that can be. Her hidden darkness, the essence of a goddess that sips through every pore, unrecognized by her youthful, censored mind is like nectar for him. Sweet, yet savory, breathing life into his body and mind.

One faithful night, they meet. Innocence and pure desire. They collide, the attraction to powerful to voice, enough to stop her doubts.

She learns to let go. She learns of her strength, her power over her own life. She learns of her inner demons that now come out to play. She fights them, she needs to win. She fights him for turning her into this, for breaking her well studied walls, for setting her free.

She forgets her light, she forgets her reason, she hides again, this time in torturous hours lost with the wrong people, with people that don’t bring her pleasure, but feed her hungry Ego.

She is lost, she knows it. She is now but a shadow of what she used to be. Her innocence seems lost for good, yet she is wrong. Now, at a new kind of low, she discovers her own strength, recognizes her own fire, for she is not just light and not just darkness. She is the daughter of both, a peculiar combination of good and bad, as humans see it.

She learns how to play with them, once again encountering him. His angelic voice teaches her now that beneath her hard exterior, that of a temptress, of a dark Alice, one made of smoke and mirrors, of pure desire reflected on mortal men to lure them in.

She is once again bound by his will, for he is not a mortal man anymore, but a god, just like she is a goddess. He taught her desire, back when they first met, only for him to learn the innocence from her.

They understand each other, for their lessons have been not the same, but complementary. They have turned one another into divine beings, above the veils of illusions. They are equal in mind, body and heart. He can explore her, tantalize her, with only his words. She can bring him to his knees with just a look.

It is beyond whips and chains and leather or rope, beyond pain or pleasure. Those are mere instruments, used by people to experience a part of themselves, yet the true mystery lies in love, in connection, in the exchange between partners, both learning, both transforming. Without it, this is just a sick game of manipulation and darkness, of playing hide and seek with our own demons and feeling disappointed when it destroys us.

Let yourself feel, let yourself live it, not only the pleasure and pain of the physical, but the darkness that comes from inside your mind. Accept it, experience it and lead it into the light. It is all about evolution. Too much of anything is a certain key to your destruction.

Honor your desires, honor your love and let go, for you are just like Alice or her partner. A human, searching, locked up in it’s own mind, in it’s own ways and fear. Experience yourself, trust your journey and you will come out a god or goddess. This is a part of destiny. Another delicious choice we have to make.

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