The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me in a walk through my experiences in the vast world of BDSM. I constructed this as a place of safety, consciousness, beauty, art, sex, love and everything else you can imagine. My main intent is to bring to people a fragment of the knowledge I gathered until now from searching... Continue Reading →

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Fuck me, take me, make me…

Let me surrender, force me to give into you. Make me fight you, hold me down, punish me with your hands, with your nails and teeth, with your breath and your words. Punish me with your body, taking me down, holding me there. Don’t let me struggle, don’t let me break you. Fight me, fight... Continue Reading →

Surrender in pleasure

The room is quiet, with the elegant exception of candles buzzing every once in a while as the wick encounters a harder part, burning all the brighter in those few seconds. It is peculiar how much this innocent, natural thing relates so well to the human mind, to our truth as living beings. The harder... Continue Reading →


For V, one who showed me how beautiful the meeting of bodies can be. Tingles of eroticism hit my skin as I am waiting in chilly room, at the foot of the bed. A single candle burning, casting shadows and illuminating your figure in the window wall I have in front of me. You turned... Continue Reading →

Morning air

Laying naked in bed, after making love in the morning light of this beautiful Sunday, your arms wrapped around my waist, your head on my thighs playing gently with the goose bumps on my skin... I reach down to kiss your raven hair. It is soft and my fingers revel in caressing the skin on... Continue Reading →

Library tale

Your eyes open as you see me enter the room. Flowing gown and heeled boots, leather corset and flowing red hair. I approach the armchair you grace with your suited figure. Your hands rest lightly on the soft, worn leather, a cigarette in one. Music is softly heard in the background. The familiar sound of... Continue Reading →

Sense me

Take me down, make me lose all sense of self. Fuck me, spank me, hard and painful, soft and gentle, take my orgasms, take my body and make me sing for you in moans and lustful whimpers. Bury your fingers in my flesh, make my cheeks glow rosy, make my breathing shallow and my mind... Continue Reading →


Putting on a new pair of heeled boots for the first time this year brought up a certain feeling, something I am only now fully aware of. It is the power, the confidence exuded by thwe height of them. They way they make my body hold itself, the curves of my ass and the gentle... Continue Reading →

Healing Shibari

Part 1 of 'Story of many titles', a little experiment of mine in writing a deeper kind of erotica and romance. Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments below. They really help me improve. 🙂 "Little toy, how does it feel to be here, on a balcony, exposed for everyone to see? Your soft... Continue Reading →

Taking me higher

'Lace will not protect you. It will only make it more enjoyable for me to cut it off of your deliciously plump body, my goddess.' his voice deeper and huskier than I have ever heard, his lips almost grazing my ear. I know he has a knife, a silver dagger, blade adorned with ancient markings,... Continue Reading →

Midnight calls

You enter my mind. Your voice seducing, yet calm, serious, yet funny. Such a easy going nature that I could even start to look for your Shadow, for the darkness in you that I can't pinpoint yet. All thoughts aside, the thought makes me drip. The thought of last night's pleasures that opened some gateway... Continue Reading →

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